"Our Legacy Of Success For Over 35 Years"

Jessica of Brookfield Builders

The Linehan family founded Brookfield Builders in 1972. Brookfield was started by 2nd generation builder Jim Linehan, and his 3 of his 6 children: Jessica, Rebecca and Gregory, who built the Brookfield reputation of uncompromising excellence one customer at a time. They are all very proud to say over 600 customers in Southeast Florida are pleased to call Brookfield their Exclusive Builder of Choice.

From Father to Family... After long years of being mentored by her father, and university studies which emphasized business and construction, she devoted her efforts to the Southeast Florida luxury home market. In 1997, Ms. Linehan was appointed the CEO of the family business, and is to this day.

Ms. Linehan has two children, Travis and Samantha, who aspire to become the 4th generation of builders for Brookfield.

As CEO of Brookfield Builders, Ms. Linehan is Licensed and bonded as an approved General Contractor by the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board (FCILB). The FCILB is the most stringent certification in the nation. Also, Jessica Linehan is certified and licensed for Residential, Commercial, and High Rise developments, the highest accreditation offered.

Over the years, Brookfield Builders' old school values have evolved to include strategies and trends to keep up with the ever-changing building market. After more than 25 years of new home building in the most prestigious Coastal, InterCoastal and Golf Club Communities, In 2004 Brookfield Builders expanded their offerings to include Additions and Renovations. This helped homeowners have a custom home without facing property tax increases or prohibitive replacement costs.

Today, Brookfield Builders offers expertise in:

Ms. Linehan says: "I understand the very personal and challenging nature a home project can be. Let me assure you of my pledge to use our experience and knowledge of home building to make your building experience enjoyable, with minimal disturbances, and no surprises."

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